The Slight Edge on Your Competition

The Slight Edge In Network Marketing

The Slight Edge on Your Competition

HBY / April 5, 2017

The Slight Edge In Network Marketing

      It is becoming more and more evident to people everyday that The “Slight Edge” in Direct sales you truly can have the “Perfect Business” if set up correctly and if the business model is completely understood and utilized you could posses a potential fortune. In fact, I read a statistic just the other day that stated that 92% of woman who earn $100,000 a year plus do it with direct sales, Wow this is a HUGE business fact.

     The reason for this “Perfect Business” in Theory is simply the factor of compounding effect. and this compounding effect my friends can effect your life right into transformation and freedom. Socrates said that you are either growing or you are deteriorating there is no in between. So we must ask ourselves and be honest with our answer , am I growing? Am I getting better everyday?  You see people start home businesses all the time and they do it because they get it, they get the compounding factor of building an organization and for good reason. The problem is far to many in fact I’ll go so far as to say the majority of people fail to realize the most important factor that is YOU.

If you are to be looked at and perceived in the marketplace as a leader then guess what?

YOU need to be a leader.

     Last time I checked leaders are NOT borne, they are created. Leaders must obtain their leadership qualities and abilities from somewhere but where? It is so key to your success to align yourself with a community of leaders so that the compounding effects of your time starts to bring out the leader in you.

   You see the compounding effect in Relationship Marketing, Network Marketing, Home Business is first about the compounding results of self development. It takes work to grow you must refuel with good fuel everyday, there is such a thing as bad fuel so beware. (below is a great resource) keep reading

   One of the most practiced activities that I have seen from millionaires today is that they take inventory daily and they ask themselves the hard questions before retiring for the night.

   Focus on development and activity and you would be surprised how much you grow and how fast your business will grow if you just understand that you must work harder on yourself than on your business and your business will get easier and easier and it has been said that when things get easier it becomes a joy to do. Imagine enjoying your labors and enjoying the fruit thereof even better….

So you see the compounding effect becomes the slight edge over every aspect of life if used correctly and this slight edge is all you need to get to the next level in your life in your business. I believe we should all live to grow, this business is the perfect opportunity to do that.


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